Frozen Wedding

I loved getting engaged.

Although I had been waiting for what seemed like an absolute age for my boyfriend to pop the question, the actual moment came as a complete surprise. There it was in all its glory, the most beautiful diamond ring I’ve ever seen, confirming that the man I loved wanted to spend his life with me. Hooray!

Being a surprise there was no build up, no expectation on my part to look my best for the moment….because I simply didn’t know that it was coming.

I loved getting married too. But a wedding day is usually anticipated far in advance, and there is of course an expectation for the bride and groom to look their best on their big day. There was so much to think about.

What makes the perfect wedding dress?
What colour scheme is this season?
Who shall we invite?

Such a never ending list of “To Do’s” and questions to ask & be answered.

And of course….

How The Hell Do I Prepare Myself To Look My Best?!?!?

Crash wedding diets were just not on the agenda for me. I did shed a few pounds, by eating less and moving more, but eating dust was just not an option. I get too angry when I’m hungry. I choose a corset style dress, so that I could be squeezed into it, within an inch of my life. If I had known about Fat Freezing then, I may have chosen a figure skimming satin & lace number that seem to be all the rage at the moment.

In our Cardiff clinic we see lots of Brides, Mother of the Bride, Grooms, Ushers, Bridesmaids, Mother in Law of the Bride (you get my drift). They’re all hoping to achieve the same thing – Preparing themselves to look their best for the big day and maybe the honeymoon too.

Many have considered severe tactics like liposuction, tummy tuck and other weight loss or skin tightening surgery, only to be fearful of the outcome. After all, surgery is painful. Surgery can be dangerous. Surgery at the very least can leave your purse strings in an unpleasant state of recovery.

We offer a range of treatments that can enhance your silhouette prior to your big day. All without surgery.

Cryo Lipo / Fat Freezing is the most popular, as it requires just one treatment, is pain free, and is excellent at reducing areas that diets and exercise have been unable to shift. Its very affordable compared to liposuction, and its able to achieve similar results. (…yes…really.)

The Abdomen/Tummy is the most popular area for both men and women to have Cryo Lipo. Brides wearing sleeveless dresses sometimes opt for their under arm fat (arm pit fat) or under the length of the arms (bingo wings). Thigh treatments are also in high demand for those seeking the “thigh gap” in their honeymoon bikini.

For the Grooms, the Abdomen and Love Handles/Lower back seem to be the must have treatment, for boosting confidence on the beach post nuptials! (some even have their man boobs treated too)

If you’d like more information about how we could help change your body shape prior to your wedding day.

Please get in touch or view our website for more information. Ice Body Sculpting – Fat Freezing Specialists call 02921 202 190 or email
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