Fat Freezing for Men

The Modern Man – Fat Freezing For Men

The modern man has many new pressures. Long gone are the days of just being the main bread winner, returning home coal faced and sweaty to a hearty meal cooked by their beloved.

The modern woman is also holding down a job, the bread winning is shared more than ever, and the pressures on the modern man now include being able to help run a household, care for children and be able to whip up a quick meal…. oh and of course your expected to look fantastic whilst doing it too (just as women always have been I may add!)

Male grooming is now BIG!! There is a real drive in the beauty industry to educate men on their health & well being. Men should be just as likely to be seen in a beauty salon or clinic as their female counter parts – yet one of the most commonly asked questions that we get is “do you treat men?”

YES – We do treat men…. and LOTS of men.

Fat Freezing (the generic name for cryolipolysis) is now one of the worlds most popular non-surgical procedures as an alternative to liposuction men and women and for good reason.

Men make up a higher than usual percentage of clientèle in our clinic. Men are concerned with their appearances, and have areas of fatty tissue that the gym is not helping to shift, just the same as women do.

Popular areas for men to have treated are the lower back, love handles, abdomen and the “moob” – that’s man boobs, or male chest to you and I!

Whilst Fat Freezing is not recommended for Gynecomasita, as it has no effect on actual breast tissue growth. It can be very helpful in sculpting and reducing the size of the male breast, by decreasing the amount of fat cells in the chest area. It is one of our best selling treatments, for those looking for an alternative to liposuction and undergoing the knife.

The treatment uses high tech, cool looking, glossy equipment, which seems to make men more comfortable than if they were being treated with a pink powder puff. As there is no downtime or recovery afterwards you could skip off down the coal mine straight after with no side effects.

Men also suffer from skin lesions like skin tags, warts and milia which can be easily and painlessly removed using CryoPen.

If you are a man thinking of having a treatment done, give us a call. At Ice Body Sculpting you will be in good company. Please call in to our gallery where you can read reviews and see before and after photos of our treatments.

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