LED Light Therapy

L.E.D Light Therapy was first researched by NASA. They concluded that different wave lengths of light can have an incredible effect on our skin cells. LED Light Therapy Facials are painless and non invasive. We are able to treat a wide range of conditions affordably in our award winning Cardiff clinic, relocated to Swansea.

  • LED therapy uses specific colour wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin at varying depths revouvinating skin cells.
  • This stimulates the anti-ageing process, helps to regulate imbalances in the cells and improves skin tone and clarity
  • LED Light Therapy is totally comfortable.
  • Each session of the treatment takes about 30-45 minutes

Acne Clearing
Collagen reproduction Cell Renewal
Scar Clearing
Reduces Redness
Smooths Wrinkles
Repairs Sun Damage
Improves Uneven Skin Tone

Our LED Mask Facial is a popular treatment today… why not combine it with a professional exfoliating Eve Taylor Mask for maximum results


LED FACIAL – Red Light (Anti Aging)

Will stimulate the production of collagen.Collagen is an essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. This is best for combating fine lines, plumping and will also help to reduce large pores.


LED FACIAL – Blue Light (Anti Acne)

Bacteria in acne contain porphyrins the blue light is able to kill porphyrins due to the high affinity with this wave length. The blue light furthermore has calming action which is very effective for hypersensitivity and reducing breakouts in problem skin.


LED FACIAL – Green Light (Reduce Pigment and Scarring)

The balance of the green light can balance color pigment, reduce fine lines, nutrient aging skin, speed up the healing process of wounds,and lighten scars.

Fat Freezing Specialists

Ice Body Sculpting Cosmetic Clinic of the Year Finalists 2014, 2015, & 2016 – Fat Freezing / Cryolipolysis specialists


  • 30 minute LED Facial   –  £65 SPECIAL – £35
  • Course of 5 – £175 6th one Free