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Hey Pursuiters,

Lately Naomi and I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Cryolipolysis – freezing your fat off…..Permanently. It’s heralded by some as an alternative to Liposuction – Yay, praise be. So obviously we were looking to book in straight away.

But then we started to chat to followers, friends and family and started to fret, if it’s permanent there must be a sacrifice surely? I chatted to the lovely Alice Kingdom a Cryotherapy specialist at www.Icebodysculpting.com to get the skinny (See what I did there 😉 )

Kate: So, How does Fat Freezing actually work Alice, do they just freeze your stomach and chop the extra fat off?

Alice: Generic Cryolipolysis (nicknamed fat freezing, or Cryo Lipo) involves safely chilling an area of excess fat within a specially designed cooling applicator. A gentle vacuum pressure is used to draw the tissue between two cooling panels. During the treatment, the applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling conditions that have been scientifically proven to target and eliminate fat cells. There is a viewing pane in the applicator, so that you can see the area get sucked up, and often people do joke about cutting it off…. the beauty of Cryogenic Lipo is that it’s non-invasive, so no cuts or incisions are required.

Kate: Oh good that’s a relief, I am a massive wimp and the idea of surgery scares the pants off me. Where does the fat go then? Do you drain it off or anything?

Alice: To explain it simply, treating fat with Cryotherapy (cold) puts the fat cells into a kind of state of shock, and stops them working properly. This triggers the body to break them down. Scientifically this is known as “Apoptosis”, which pretty much means the death of your fat cells. It doesn’t sound very pleasant, but this is what we want….to reduce the number of fat cells where we treat, which reduces the area in size. It’s pretty clever as does this without effecting any of the other cells, like your skin for example.

Kate: No, no, the death of my fat cells sounds very pleasant indeed actually, I feel pretty mean now, not mean enough to not have them assassinated though, I feel like a hit man taking out a hit on my fat cells. Okay so if you don’t drain it off do you just get rid of it in a bowel movement? Will my toilet look like the insides of my mums old chip pan?

Alice: Your body digests the affected cells over a number of weeks after the Cryo Lipo treatment, like it would with any other cell that isn’t working properly. It transports the lipids from the cells through the lymphatic system slowly, much like it does with fat from the food we eat. So there’s no freaky poo’s, raised blood sugars or change in liver function.

Kate: No change in liver function, wouldn’t it have to work harder after the treatment?

Alice: Clinical studies on Fat Freezing have shown that liver function is not increased, as it happens over a period of time unlike some other forms of Lipolysis which increase the livers function considerably in the short term by “emptying” the fat cells. Blood sugars remain stable too, which means that it is suitable for some diabetics too.

Kate: Who is it Cryo Lipo suitable for?

Alice: Both men and women looking to reduce and refine areas of fatty tissue. A lot of our customers are looking for an alternative to the knife – People that don’t fancy the risks or downtime of Liposuction. The most common areas to treat are the stomach, love handles and thighs, although we do treat other areas like the back, upper arms and the male chest “moobs” too.

Kate: If you are freezing my fat cells isn’t there a risk of getting frostbite or of the procedure damaging my skin?

Alice: We only use safe temperatures & session timings to give you the best results. It is very important to choose a highly trained, experienced and insured practitioner. Our Cardiff clinic is the longest running clinic in Wales, and the South West of the UK specialising in Fat Freezing.

Kate: Can I not just get the same results constantly applying ice packs to my wobbly bits?

Alice: No, definitely not advisable. Cryo Lipo uses very specific constant temperatures, which can’t be replicated yourself. You could cause skin damage and even frostbite by trying this at home.
Kate: Lol, I don’t fancy that then, plus it will waste my garden peas. Although I am on a mission to be Sarah Connor, I don’t want to experience a crazy amount of pain, even on a mission to rid me of all my fat.

Does it hurt?

Alice: Most people expect medieval torture and are pleasantly surprised, as it’s honestly really comfortable. It does feel weird, as the suction and the cooling are sensations that you’re probably only feeling for the first time. Lots of people have a little snooze during their cryotherapy session – that’s how pleasant it is.

Kate: What if my stomach stays in the vacuum shape and never defrosts?

Alice: The area is given a massage after the treatment with a special lotion that stops fat cells maturing, this helps bring the area back to normal. The body is very good at maintaining a stable temperature, so there’s no chance of you turning into a human ice lolly.
Kate: How soon will I see results?

Alice: Results can take up to 12 weeks, with some lucky clients beginning to notice changes as early as 2 weeks in. It depends on how well your individual body breaks down the fat cells that we are trying to get rid of.

Kate: If the results are after a few weeks how can I be sure that this isn’t just a result of what I am doing anyway?

Alice: For those already leading a normal lifestyle there is no change required to see results – other than drinking some more water, and cutting down on toxins like caffeine & alcohol. Many of our customers come to us when they are already following a diet/gym/nutritional plan, and are certain that this has given them a boost, and changed their body shape, where it had been stubborn and resistant before.

Kate: Cool, well that all seems legit and no selling my soul to the devil which is a bonus, plus my mum tum won’t shift for love nor money so it would be cool to see if this shift’s it.

Alice: For particularly stubborn areas, a second treatment can be given to improve results, and we can also advise on combination treatments using Ultrasound Cavitation, and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening for those looking to have the ultimate body reshaping experience!

So there you go, if you want more sensible FAQS on Cryolipo and want to find out the latest offers at the Cardiff practice click here

Check in tomorrow for my review of the treatment. :)

Thank you to Alice for answering my brain woes, if you want to book in go to:

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